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Campania Salute Project

WEB-based connections between Specialistics Centers and General Practioners for Clinical Data-Base consultations of high Cardiovascular Risk patients

Telematic Clinical and Diagnostic evaluations Reservations & Clinical Records Consultations

General Practioner's Program

Prego inserire il codice personale rilevato sul retro della carta, per accedere in sola consultazione a dati d'emergenza privi di riferimenti anagrafici. Il paziente, a cui e'stata rilasciata la carta, ne ha autorizzato l'utilizzo. Si avvisa che l'accesso a questa funzione e' MONITORATO.
Please insert the personal code found on the backside of the card to view anonymous data for any emergency. The patient which was provided with the card, authorized its use. Please note that access to these functionalities is being TRACKED.

Project Leader:

Prof. Bruno Trimarco
Professor of Cardiology
School of Medicine and Surgery
University "Federico II" of Naples
Tel:     081-7462250/2211
Fax:    081-7462256 

E-mail: centroipertensione@unina.it

Scientific Consultant
Prof. Giovanni de Simone
Professor of Medicine

Aifa Project
Tosca Project
Telematic ECG Refertations Share Project

Phone Reservation
Monday to Friday at 09.00 to 14.00

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